About us

Opening on 1 August 2015, located in the beautiful and growing suburb of Kingston in Canberra’s south and founded by Sue McShane, Balanced Yoga, was born from Sue’s love of yoga and her desire to make yoga more mainstream and more accessible to everyone.
In July 2019, Kate Haskard took up the mantle of studio owner and is excited to build on Sue’s legacy by fostering a sense of ‘Sukha’ (ease), ‘Sangha’ (Community) and ‘Viroha’ (Growth) within the studio.
At Balanced Yoga, so often we hear from people that they aren’t flexible enough to do yoga, or that yoga isn’t for them because they don’t like the chanting or the philosophy or the hippiness, or a dozen other reasons. What they don’t realise, is that yoga is not how they imagine, and it is so much more than they can imagine. It is the perfect exercise for today’s hectic modern world, and we want you all to experience it in a safe, non judgmental, inclusive studio. Yoga is truly for everyone, and our studio welcomes everyone.Our studio is friendly and has classes to suit everyone, male or female, young and old, all fitness and flexibility levels, people of different sizes and ethnicities, you are all welcome at Balanced Yoga.

Kate is also a level 2 Reiki Practitioner and offers private consultations at the studio.

Let us help you balance the competing demands of your busy life by providing the perfect class, in our beautiful space, that your mind body and soul is craving.

We offer:

  • Early morning, mid morning, lunchtime and evening yoga classes, with a variety of styles
  • Yoga for the over 50’s or less mobile
  • Meditation courses
  • Workshops in various well being fields
  • Retreats, within Australia and overseas
  • Rehab training
  • Reiki and Massage