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Cancelling a booking you have paid for

If you can no longer make a class you have booked for and paid for, you can cancel the class in mindbody and your payment will stay on your account until the next class you attend. You won’t lose your payment because you can no longer attend.

You must cancel your booking in mindbody so you aren’t charged. If you don’t cancel, and therefore hold a space in the class someone else could’ve taken, you may be charged.

Payment Problems

If you are having issues with payments processing, it may be for a couple of different reasons. The software we use, mindbody online, works best in Google Chrome. It tends to not like either safari or internet explorer. So, perhaps try using a different browser.

The other issue we may have is that we do not accept AMEX or Diners because of the exorbitant fees these cards charge us. If you are trying to pay with either of these card types, your payment will not work. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash and direct debit.

10 Day Introductory Offer

The 10 day introductory offer is available to all new students of Balanced Yoga. Your 10 consecutive days starts from the first class you attend. If you buy the pass, and then don’t get around to using it for a couple of months, it doesn’t matter, it is valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Your 10 day trial will start with the first class you attend. It is a 10 day introductory pass, not a 10 class pass, so it gives you 10 consecutive days to attend the studio. You have 6 months from the date of purchase to activate the pass.

New Student’s Registration

To create an account simply complete the form below. This will create an account for you within mindbody, our online booking system, which allows you to book in and pay for classes and workshops online. By booking in online, you are guaranteeing yourself a place in the class.

The form also contains information on your health which allows our teachers to make modifications or adjustments to the poses to suit your body.

After you have completed the form, you will be redirected to the mind body site, where you can view our timetable, make purchases and book into classes.

Do I need to book

You don’t have to book online to attend a class, but it is preferable, especially as our classes are getting busy, the more we grow. There is always the chance that the class may get booked out, and if you don’t have a booking, you will miss out. By booking online, we guarantee you a place in your class, and you won’t miss out.
If you purchase a casual pass and then have to cancel, the payment will stay on your file until you use it.

If you are a new student, sign up online and complete the New Student Registration Form below, that way you can immerse yourself in yoga the minute you walk through the door.

When should I arrive

Try to arrive at least 10 minutes before the class begins. It can be disruptive to the other students if you arrive late to class.
If you are new student, you can save time by registering online, please see the tab above, called New Student Registration.

Mobile phone policy

Kindly switch off or set your mobile phone to silent before entering the space, there is nothing more detrimental to staying in the moment, than a buzzing phone.

What do I need to bring

Normal exercise clothes are fine for yoga. Just as long as you are comfortable. We do yoga without our shoes, so no need to wear expensive runners to class, we leave our footwear in the cabinets provided. Definitely bring a bottle of water, it is important to stay hydrated. If you have your own mat, then please bring that, if not, we have spares. If you are a sweater, you may also like to bring a towel.

I’m a beginner

Beginners are welcome to all classes, however if you have never ever done yoga before you may want to sign up for one of our beginners courses so you can learn the correct alignment for poses, and understand a little more about yoga.


Online you can pay via Visa or Mastercard and that is our preference. In the studio you can pay via cash, Visa card or Mastercard (we just put the details in your online profile and you are billed that way). Please note that we do not accept American Express (AMEX).

How healthy do you need to be

It is important that our instructor knows if you have any injuries or illnesses that may affect your practice. Your safety is very important to us, so please have a chat to the instructor if this applies to you.

Can I do a drop in or casual class?

Of course you can! But it’s cheaper to buy a 10 or 20 class pass.

Can I try out a class before I sign up for a course?

Sure can. We have 10 days for $30 where you can attend as many classes as you like. So come and find a class and teacher which suits your style and demands.

I’m pregnant

Congratulations! You can continue with yoga throughout your pregnancy and all of our teachers have the knowledge to allow you to do this safely. Just ask them for the handout of alternative poses when you check in. If you have SIJ or pubic symphysis issues associated with your pregnancy, we recommend not attending our general classes.