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Class Descriptions

Please click on the class name for a detailed class description.

Balanced Aligned

This class is an intermediate to advanced class, that is alignment based. The class moves at a steady, but strong, pace incorporating clear alignment instructions and is underpinned with tantric philosophy. Classes often incoprporate more advanced poses and may include other practices such as pranayama, meditation and mantra.

Balanced Extend

A strong vinyasa class, that will challenge you, although modifications will be offered for those not looking to work as hard. More challenging or advanced poses will be offered in this class.

Balanced Flow

Suitable for beginners right through to advanced students, this class blends balance, strength, flexibility and balance in a flowing style. Often referred to as a Vinyasa class.

Balanced Foundations

A slower paced class, perfect for beginners. This class focuses on keeping it simple, spending time within poses and ensuring correct alignment. Perfect for beginners, but also great for regulars to ensure they are doing poses in the best possible way, to avoid injury and gain the greatest benefit.

Balanced Mobility

For the over 50’s, overweight, or those with mobility issues, this class involves slower movements (but not necessarily gentle) and sometimes uses chairs and other props to help you gain or maintain mobility and range of movement in your joints. A perfect way to exercise safely and get all the benefits of yoga both in the body and the mind.

Balanced Soul

This class is all about resetting our souls in this hectic, fast paced world we are living. Take 60 minutes out of your week to allow your body and soul to be restored through the use of gentle flowing movements, pranyama (breathing) techniques, restorative and or yin yoga and meditation.

Balanced Yang/Yin

This class is an amazing combination of our Balanced Flow class, followed by our Balanced Yin class. You are getting the best of both worlds with this class. Recommended for anyone.

Balanced Yin

Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of yoga where the poses are held for long periods of time, up to 10 minutes, to allow increased circulation to our joints, increase our flexibility and to improve our energy flow. A gentle, magical restorative class, needed by everyone.

Balanced Yin/Restorative

A combination of Yin Yoga and/or Restorative Yoga, this class offers restorative rejuvenation for the mind, body and spirit. Through the use of props and by holding the poses for longer, this class allows your muscles to release and relax, and your mind and body to restore. A great class to help you eliminate the rigours of modern life. Goodbye stress and fatigue.

Frontline Yoga

For those who have to be ‘on’ all day for their occupation, we provide Yoga to help you switch off at the end of a shift. Classes are free for Police, Fire fighters, Paramedics, Defence Force members past and present, Medical professionals (including Doctors, nurses, medical staff), Mental health professionals (counsellors, Psychiatrists, Psycologists), RFS volunteers, SES volunteers, Supporters of our Frontline guardians (spouses, family, friends and colleagues).
You can find out more about Frontline Yoga by visiting their website.